Cellular Long Distance

As the telecommunication industry has evolved, West Can customers have requested that West Can look into offering cellular long distance service. West Can is pleased to say that this day has arrived!

West Can has been able to take it a step further with the cellular offering. Not only can we now offer a competitive rate throughout Canada and to the USA, West Can has been able to address the problems of high roaming charges in the USA and overseas. With the structures of fees, levies and tariffs within the cellular world, we cannot eliminate the roaming charges but, West Can has found a method to substantially decrease the charges of USA roaming with the use of USA roaming Prepaid SIM cards for your existing cell phone.

As Canadians, we have found that it can be difficult to purchase a substitute phone while outside of Canada or the continental USA. If you find yourself making those business trips or holidays to other countries and wish to take advantage and have the security of your cell phone, you now can do so. Our International Roaming Prepaid SIM card is now available.

West Can is pleased to make you aware that these additional services are included on your West Can invoice.

West Can is committed to offering Canadians alternatives to their communication needs with the very best rates.

Cellular Long Distance Rates Effective March 1st/2018

Access code requiredCanada $.08/minUSA $.10/min
*Alaska Hawaii $.10/min
*rates dependent on country called
Monthly Fee$1.50$1.50$1.50


Ancillary Charges

Additional CDN Local Access Numbers one time set up charge/cell phone*MRC $1.50/ registered cell phone
New Toll-free number one time set up $5.00 per charge/cell phone*MRC $1.50/registered cell phone
CDN Toll-free access per minute$.08/minute
*MRC monthly recurring charge/registered cellular phone
Sign up today - call 1-800-665-0384

Prepaid SIM Cards - Avoid Roaming Charges

**Please note that T-Mobile is the carrier for Prepaid SIM Cards and does not cover the state of Alaska or North Dakota. We cannot guarantee 100% coverage in the USA - WEST CAN IS SORRY THIS SERVICE IS CURRENTLY NOT AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME.  PLEASE CONTACT US FOR UPDATES. 

 SIM Card expires after Six (6)months$29.95 includes $10 air-time
  • Choice of USA or CND number. 
  • Comes with $10 airtime
  • Free incoming text messages
  • Coverage in over 119 countries.
  • Auto-recharge available $10, $25, $50
Re-activation of SIM Card after six(6) month $14.95

 USA voice rates


$.09/min. within USA and to Canada
 USA text rates $.09/text -free incoming
 USA data rates $.09/MB of data
*Please contact West Can customer service for additional rates per country. 

What’s New

  • West Can Group offers inbound Toll Free numbers. Not only great for businesses but an economical and convenient method for family members to call home.
  • West Can's Calling Cards are convenient for employees or residential customers when traveling.
  • Ask us how we can partner with your organization to offer your membership fantastic long distance savings! .