Incoming Toll-free Service

Expand your business by adding a Toll-free number. Your customers can call you at no cost to them from any where in Canada and the USA.

This is also a great service for students away from home, traveling family members, snowbirds and businesses of all sizes.

Residential Toll-free Service

Additional telephone lines are not required. Your Toll-free number will ring in on either your business, home or cellular phone line. Toll-free service is offered at competitive rates starting at 4.5 cents per minute throughout Canada and from the United States. Billing details by specific Toll-free number and other customized features are also included with the service. There is a one-time setup/transfer fee of $4.95 plus applicable tax(s) per Toll-free number.

As well, please note any changes to your existing Toll-free number (i.e. term number or coverage) may result in additional charges. Contact customer service for this additional information.

New Charges for Toll-free service: As of March 1st/2018 West Can Group and Venture Elite will be charging Toll-free account only customers a monthly recurring charge of $1.50 per month.

Vanity Searches: This service is available to customers who wish a search to be done for a specific Toll-free number. A one time charge of $4.95 plus applicable tax(s) for a Toll-free search will be passed on to the customer. 

Additional Toll-free Information: As of January 1st/2016 West Can Group and Venture Elite will charge a $50 fee plus applicable tax(s) on blocks and an additional $50 to unblock a Toll-free number. 

What’s New

  • West Can Group offers inbound Toll Free numbers. Not only great for businesses but an economical and convenient method for family members to call home.
  • West Can's Calling Cards are convenient for employees or residential customers when traveling.
  • Ask us how we can partner with your organization to offer your membership fantastic long distance savings! .